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Current Channels

Company Owned Pumpkin Patch Stand-alone Stores
Pumpkin Patch owns and operates stores in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. There are no options for third parties to operate or own stores in these countries.

Third Party Operated Pumpkin Patch Stand-alone Stores
Pumpkin Patch branded stores are owned and operated under licence in the following countries …
  • Middle East - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon.
  • South America - Venezuela
  • Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & Thailand.

If you are an established apparel franchise brand manager or chain store retailer interested in establishing a chain of Pumpkin Patch stores outside the above regions, please click here.

Pumpkin Patch sells direct to partners in the following countries…

If you represent a department store or chain store retailer wishing to stock Pumpkin Patch, please click here.

Internet and Mail-Order
Pumpkin Patch directly services both hemispheres by internet and mail order:
Party Plan
Pumpkin Patch does not sell through party plan or similar schemes.

Pumpkin Patch does not offer franchises in its retail markets of New Zealand, Australia and Ireland

Pumpkin Patch does not sell to distributors or work through agents.

Other Enquiries
Please refer to our website:

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